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S.1071  Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan

Governor McMaster Signed the Bill

Back in November of 2019, I was asked to partake in conversations with several organizations within the state of South Carolina fire service. Together, the South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Coalition was formed. I was honored to be asked, to share my voice and my thoughts. I was humbled to share the widowhood side of the firefighter family life. I was proud to represent Carney Strong Initiative and our mission. Not only have we been making strides for firefighter cancer prevention, but to help formulate a bill that will help the future of the firefighter family in South Carolina has brought warmth to my heart.

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The organizations at the table have all brought guidance and wisdom to create an impressive bill. Thank you to everyone that participated to create it. Thank you for asking me to join and play a small part in it.

Together, we got it done.  The South Carolina Senators and Representatives have had an unprecedented year to get things done. And thankfully, the South Carolina Firefighters were on the list.  Thank you to every single South Carolinian that reached out to their legislators asking for their support. We couldn't have done it without each and every phone call, email, and even snail mail. 

Though it has passed the Senate and the House, there is still work to be done.  Due to the pandemic, the initial funding has been redirected.  In January 2021, the state legislators will need to appropriate the funds. If all goes well, the South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan will take effect July 1, 2021.

Like many firefighters diagnosed with cancer, Josh had a few final wishes – that his family would be taken care of after he passed away. With no cancer presumption bill in South Carolina, his death wasn’t considered a LODD by the state. There were no survivor benefits, there was no education benefit for our daughter. With S1071, the future firefighter family, if faced with a cancer diagnosis, will not only have less financial burden during treatments, but in the event of a death, the children will have tuition waved for up to 4 years at state-supported college, university, vocational or technical school. This is the one benefit that hurts our family the most, Josh wasn’t able to provide that to his own daughter. But, with S 1071 the next firefighter diagnosed with cancer, will not know the stress.

The “Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan” is a supplemental insurance policy and will; upon a diagnosis of cancer, a firefighter is entitled to the following benefits, if a firefighter has been in a South Carolina Fire Department for at least 5(five) continuous years and within 10(ten) years of last date of active service.

• Reimburse up to $12,000 annually to the firefighter for any out of pocket expenses to include but not limited to; deductibles, copayments, or coinsurances costs incurred
• A benefit of $20,000 upon the firefighter’s diagnosis as defined, not to exceed 1 benefit payment per calendar year. Additional benefit available upon 12-month remission and separate diagnosis.
• A $75,000 death benefit for a firefighter who dies as a result of cancer or circumstances
• A firefighter that dies as a result of cancer or circumstances that arise of treatment are considered to have died in the line of duty.

Who is Covered?

• “Fire Department” means any organization providing rescue, fire suppression, and related activities including any public or government sponsored organizations engaged in rescue, fire suppression, and related activities 40-80-10(b)(4).
• “Firefighter” 40-80-10(5) means any person, male or female, paid or unpaid, who engages in rescue, fire suppression, or related activities under the supervision of a fire chief or fire department.

What Cancers are Covered?

“Cancer” includes malignant neoplasms of the following body areas and organ systems:
• Central / Peripheral Nervous System • Oropharyngeal • Respiratory Tract • Gastrointestinal Tract • Hepatobiliary • Solid Organ / Endocrine • Genitourinary / Male Reproductive • GYN • Skin / Soft Tissue / Breast • Bone / Blood


The South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Coalition is a collaboration of folks from the Professional Fire Fighters Association of South Carolina, South Carolina State Firefighters' Association, South Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs, Firefighter Cancer Support Network-South Carolina Chapter, and Carney Strong Initiative.  Though a group effort, S.1071 and H.5139 stemmed from the prior year bill H4147 which was spearheaded by the Professional Fire Fighters Association of South Carolina, and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts over the years. 

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