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Meet The Team

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Tonya Herbert

Director at Large


Tonya is the President/Co-Founder of Responder Wipes, a company providing quality products designed specifically for first responders to reduce their exposure to fireground toxins and carcinogens. Her passion is making sure every firefighter has the chance to retire healthy and strong!

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Nick Magoteaux

Director at Large

Nick is the Co-Executive Director and President of Brothers Helping Brothers. He has over 15 years experience in public safety throughout Ohio and the country and played an intricate part of the initial creation of the Carney Strong Initiative. He enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda.


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Lillian Carney

Executive Director


Lillian is the Widow of Josh Carney, married 20 years before he died from firefighter cancer.    When she is not spreading the Carney Strong message or baking for the firefighters at Midway Fire Rescue, Lillian enjoys spending time with friends and daughter Shayla. 

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Kristine Powers


Treasurer & Co-Founder

Kristine is the cousin of Josh Carney, always looking up to him.  She enjoyed spending summers with Josh and all of her cousins at the Lake Massasecum in New Hampshire. When she is not volunteering with Carney Strong, she is spending time with her family and friends.

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Daniel Spetland

Director at Large


Best friend of Josh throughout childhood, they grew up in their volunteer department together.  Dan is employed with their hometown fire dept in North Haven, CT.  When he is not working, Dan enjoys camping and spending time with his wife Krissi, and 2 young boys Zander and Zack.

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