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Thoughts From a Firefighter Widow


Each firefighter family cancer story is different, and we want Carney Strong Initiative to share a variety of thoughts, concerns, emotions from all avenues of the firefighter family. This will help us reach more firefighters, more families, to ensure they know and understand the importance of cancer prevention, cancer preparations, and more. As much as we want prevention to be the main focus, we understand that more firefighters will be diagnosed. We want those families to be prepared, and learn from our family cancer story, to hopefully have them better prepared for their journey ahead. 


No information on this form will be shared publicly. If any of it will be used, it would be anonymous, with no direct reference to names including department names and cities. Feel free to share as much or as little information as you are comfortable with.

Thoughts From a Firefighter Widow
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Thank you for sharing.  This is a club no one should be a part of. But we are glad you are willing to share your story so that others may learn.

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