Decontamination Day 2021  - FireWives Edition


Thank you for requesting a grant through the private Facebook Group Wife Behind the Fire. We are able to donate a few boxes of decontamination supplies to each of the wives that submitted a grant.  Packages have been mailed and should be at your door by Thursday October 14th for you to give to your Firefighter to help keep them safe.


In exchange for the donation, we do ask a few things from you. First things first, we would like for you to have a picture taken with you, your firefighter, and the decontamination wipes. This can be at home, at/around the fire station, where every you like. If you strongly prefer not to be in the photo, we understand, that is up to you. But we would like you to be, after all you submitted the request, you care about their wellbeing.  Send us that photo - email it to Info@CarneyStrong.org, along with your full name.

We ask that you refrain from sharing any photos on social media until after we have shared it publicly through our Carney Strong Initiative Facebook Page.  Feel free to take the photo whenever you received the package in the mail, no need to wait until Decon Day, October 19th, 2021.  We will begin sharing photos on FB prior to the 19th, but the bulk of the photos will be shared on that day. The sooner you are able to send us the photos (info@CarneyStrong.org), the sooner we can have them all scheduled and shared. 

The other thing that we are asking of both you and your firefighter is to find 15 minutes of quiet time together. We know that request can be hard at times. But, it is important. The below video is only 9 minutes long, but we ask that you watch it with your Firefighter and talk about it afterwards.

We have additional Resources available to you and your Firefighter on our Resources Tab.  There you will find educational material as well as information about our product partners. Though Google is a great place to search for more knowledge, if there is something specific you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out and ask us.

For Decon Day, we know the supplies are not nearly enough, not nearly.  We encourage everyone to submit a Grant Request on behalf of their fire departments, for one of our regular monthly donations.

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