What Is Decontamination Day ?


It all started on a warm August afternoon with a random donation of a case of Responder Wipes to Georgetown City Fire Department in Georgetown, SC. The donation brought comfort and happiness to Carney's family, doing something spontaneous and good to fellow brothers and sisters. From there, Decontamination Day was born.  To honor BC Josh Carney, on the anniversary of his passing on October 19, 2018, Carney Strong volunteers across the country made small donations of decontamination wipes to suburban and rural departments. Volunteers stopped by 20 fire departments in 11 states with donations of over 2,000 wipes. It was a perfect way to bring sunshine to what could have been a cloudy day.


2019 was no different.  This past October 19th, volunteers from across 13 states made stopped at 30 fire departments . Most of our volunteers knew Josh personally, or have been personally affected by Firefighter Cancer.  To us, Decon Day is more than just making a donation to a fire department near you, it is a way to celebrate the lives affected by this dreadful disease and to keep their memories alive.


2020 has brought its own set of unique challenges.  Though social distancing and no-visitor policies are in place throughout many fire departments across the country, Carney Strong Initiative is committed to getting much needed decontamination wipes and educational material into the hands of those that need it most. So, we have teamed up with Fire Wives from across the country that are a part of the Wife Behind the Fire  Facebook Group, to distribute a few boxes of wipes to their firefighters. The FireWives in the group have been a welcoming and supportive community that Firefighter Widow, and our Executive Director, Lillian Carney has been a part of for years, well before Josh was diagnosed.  There is something unique about the bond of a Firefighter Wife, and this is our way of thanking them for their love and support.

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Decon Day 2018

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