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What Is Decontamination Day ?


It all started on a warm August afternoon with a random donation of a case of Responder Wipes to Georgetown City Fire Department in Georgetown, SC. The donation brought comfort and happiness to Carney's family, doing something spontaneous and good for fellow brothers and sisters. From there, Decontamination Day was born.  To honor BC Josh Carney, on the anniversary of his passing on October 19, 2018, Carney Strong volunteers across the country made small donations of decontamination wipes to suburban and rural departments. Volunteers stopped by 20 fire departments in 11 states with donations of over 2,000 wipes. It was a perfect way to bring sunshine to what could have been a cloudy day. 


Since our first Decon Day back in 2018, we have donated tens of thousands of decontamination wipes in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and Canada. To us, Decon Day is more than just making a donation to a fire department near you, it is a way to celebrate the lives affected by this dreadful disease and to keep their memories alive. 

Previous Decon Day Donations

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