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Carney's Birthday Bash - Thank You for Entering!


Thank you to everyone who entered Carneys Birthday Bash Gift Giveaway.  With over 60 departments submitting a request, we were able to give away 2 Department Bundles full of products from Last Line of Cancer Defense, Responder Wipes, Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners, Citrosqueeaze, Firefighter Cancer Consultants, and FireSoaps. 

Congratulations on our 2 department winners with Carney’s Birthday Bash Gift Giveaway!

Highlandtown Volunteer Fire Department, in Ohio

Madison Township Fire and EMS in Ohio

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Birthday 2012.jpg

Josh and Shayla - February 29, 2012

His favorite gift of all time: hand-painted artwork from his daughter

Carney's Birthday Bash - Gift Giveaway!


Did you know Carney was a Leap Year Baby!?! Yes indeed, he was born February 29, 1976, a few weeks past his due date. And, unless it was an actual leap year, he wasn't big on celebrating his birthday. It just so happens, this year is a Leap Year. So, here at Carney Strong Initiative, we want to celebrate.  Though Josh isn't here to celebrate with us, we want to carry on the tradition of sharing gifts for his birthday.

Each Sunday we will post a gift to give away, and will randomly select on lucky recipient on Saturday morning (via Facebook Live).  Each week we will share new posts on Social Media, ask you to Like and Comment to be entered into the drawing at the end of the week.  There will be gifts for the individual each week, leading up to a large gift(s) to be donated to a fire department somewhere across the country!

Individual gifts will be randomly selected from those entries via "Like and Comment" on Facebook. The Department gifts will be selected from those entries submitted through the Entry Form below.

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