Swing Away Firefighter Cancer

Topgolf Fundraiser - Myrtle Beach, SC November 1st, 2020 

Carney Strong Initiative invites you to have fun while raising money for firefighter cancer prevention at this family friendly event.


Join family and friends for an afternoon of swinging the clubs and hitting micro-chipped balls on a 240-yard outfield using ground targets. Your fees include golf clubs or bring your own. Topgolf is an indoor / outdoor driving range extraordinaire, so you'll have a fabulous time rain or shine! Register by October 25th, 2020.

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It's a Great Day for South Carolina Firefighters 

S.1071 Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan 

Governor McMaster Signed the Bill

Over the last year, several fire service organizations from across the state have come together to for the South Carolina Firefighter Cancer Coalition. Together, they formed the Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan that has recently passed on both the Senate and the House Floor, followed by Governor McMaster's signature on September 28th, 2020. One last step and it should become an act in July, 2021. 

 Do Your Job

Challenge Coins

Add this unique "Do Your Job" Challenge Coin to your collection today. 2" diameter, 3mm thick, black anodized coin.

Make sure to include your contact information and mailing address for proper delivery.  To order more than 2 challenge coins, email Info@CarneyStrong.org for discount shipping/handling pricing. Ships within 5 business days. Quantities limited, order soon.

Order yours today for $15 (+$3 s/h) 

Decon Day 2020

It all started on a warm August afternoon with a random donation of a case of Responder Wipes to Georgetown City Fire Department in Georgetown, SC. The donation brought comfort and happiness to Carney's family, doing something spontaneous and good to fellow brothers and sisters.


From there, Decontamination Day was born.  To honor BC Josh Carney, on the anniversary of his passing on October 19, 2018, Carney Strong volunteers across the country made small donations of decontamination wipes to suburban and rural departments. Volunteers stopped by 20 fire departments in 11 states with donations of over 2,000 wipes. It was a perfect way to bring sunshine to what could have been a cloudy day.

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Our Mission
The Carney Strong Initiative assists fire departments throughout the country with occupational cancer prevention through education and the donation of decontamination supplies. Our focus is on smaller fire departments in suburban and rural locales comprised of volunteer, combination, and career staffing. Our purpose is to help combat occupational cancer to ensure that firefighters go home to their family, so they don't suffer at the hands of this dreadful disease.

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